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“It doesn’t take much to recognize talent once you hear it. It only took less than a minute to recognize the natural lyricism and passion driving words coming out of Mary aka ViCTRiX for me to recognize that New Evangelization has a new player, and a new voice. Her story coupled with her passionate music will turn heads.” -Oscar “Two Ten” Rivera, International speaker and rapper 

“Mary is one of my heroes!!  Since we met, I have been inspired by her enthusiasm as a promoter of authentic healthcare for women through her work at “Taking Back the Terms” where she uses social media to share the good news of fertility awareness in new and beautiful ways.  But more recently, in the midst of her own painful journey with infertility and endometriosis, she answered the call to serve women and couples by becoming a Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner.  She is a wonderful partner in the field of women’s health care and I am honored to call her my friend and collaborator in this work!!” -Susan Caldwell, MD, CFCMC

“Mary Bruno is a knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate speaker. She covers topics that are rarely talked about yet so relevant to today’s youth. Her unique experience and background makes her particularly successful at making a long-term impact on young women. I highly recommend that you bring Mary in to inspire and educate your youth!” -Angie Thomas, former CEO of Woman’s New Life Clinic

“Engaging, challenging, educated, and dynamic!!! I hired Mary to do multiple talks on many different subjects. She was always relatable whether it was for adults, high schoolers, or middle school age children. She has a passion for her Catholic faith that is extremely apparent as she speaks on any subject, whether it be the Women’s Health, Pro-Life, Adoption, her personal experiences etc. It is clear she has devoted herself to a deep interpersonal relationship with Christ, which is evident in the way that her talks are filled with the Holy Spirit. In addition, she is professional, organized, and very communicative. I would recommend Mary to anyone, especially if they were looking for a bold and engaging speaker, that will leave the audience walking away changed and challenged to grow deeper in their Catholic life!” -Elise Bennett, Speaker and former Youth Director

“Through her ministry, Taking Back the Terms, Mary Bruno is changing the way we look at women’s healthcare! She has a beautiful story and has turned her battle with health into a beautiful ministry helping so many women. Her ministry has taught me so much about the woman’s body that I didn’t know before, leaving me feeling empowered and educated. Through Mary’s ministry I have recognized the beauty in the way we as women are created. I think it is absolutely essential for women, especially young women to seek out this approach to women’s healthcare, because there is a lack of awareness on how our own bodies work. Taking Back the Terms is a powerful resource for us girls use to gain a better understanding of our bodies and how they function.” -Female college student

“Mary has a beautiful way of speaking and engaging with her audience. It is evident that God is at the center of every project she creates. She is authentic and vulnerable, giving her talks a special personal touch.” -Male college student

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Hi! I’m Mary. I’ve been married to my best friend since 2013, we have an adopted daughter who is full of smiles, and are waiting to adopt again! Chris and I became trained as a Marriage Prep Mentor Couple by Lloyd and Jan Tate (Marriage Prep Rockstars) in 2018 and this has enriched our marriage and enhanced my role as a Creighton Practitioner.

I grew up in a home with a staunch love of the Catholic faith, which has been woven into my core since day one. I am grateful for this rich foundation because life has thrown a couple of curve balls- good thing I’m an athlete!

Physical pain and infertility both rocked my world and renewed my faith, causing me to stumble into some unexpected, yet thrilling roles- speaker & rapper, women’s health warrior, Creighton Model Practitioner, podcaster, and blogger.

Life did not turn out how we expected- but neither did the suffering. I found a depth of life that can only be found through the cross. Willingness to enter into my pain with Christ transformed agony into joy, and pain into purpose.

I worked in Youth Ministry for nearly 10 years and have given talks on various topics, but focus presently on speaking to teenage girls about God’s beautiful design of fertility as it relates to sexuality, marriage, and health at high schools and in parishes.

I hope to expand the topics I present to include my testimony of suffering and joy, NFP education and reform, the Pro-Life movement and adoption, Infertility, and preparing teens’ expectations for marriage.

Keep an eye out for a new non-profit I co-founded with Emily Frase called FAbM Base, a new fertility awareness database where science and real-life intersect. Among many other things, our website will help women to find the fertility awareness based method that fits her/the couple best. Check back to my women’s health tab for up to date info.

Who knew life could be so fruitful as an infertile woman? Infertility has been my biggest challenge, but has also forced me to investigate the many purposes for which God has created me –  and that has delivered me great joy! Our plans are as limited as our foresight. God frees the desires of our hearts that we didn’t even know were there.

The next time you are confronted with suffering, don’t fear it. Step into it with an open heart that is docile to the Holy Spirit Who is simply reaching for what your heart truly longs for. Roll up your sleeves and put on the armor of Christ.

I hope to see you on the battlefield!


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We put a pool in our backyard not too long ago. It took a couple of years for our now 4 year old adopted daughter to learn how to swim, but she can finally hop into the water with no problem. One day the ripples of the waves caught her eye and she took particular …


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