Meet Victrix, “female victor”

I’ve always been inspired by a good beat. And when the struggle got real, writing helped me not to feel so bad. Rapping actually helped me to feel better. Lyrics eventually became an incredible way for me to express both incredible sadness and the hope that God was restoring in me.

It was extremely healing. And extremely embarrassing.

I mean, look at me- I won’t initially strike anyone as a rapper. But with the affirmation and support of my best friends Elise and Julianne, I started to share my music. My lyrics, style, and delivery were surprisingly met with great intrigue and gave me confidence that allowed me to pursue this new passion.

International speaker and rapper Oscar “Two Ten” Rivera ( became my mentor who writes and records with me. Will Bennett @OneBigMob produces some amazing original beats.

Two Ten and ViCTRiX collaborate well together both when recording and on stage. If you are looking for a collaboration, please include this information when contacting me.

New music will be released soon. “Battle Wounds” and “Lucky” can be performed during the appropriate times of my testimony “To Joy, Through Suffering” talk, if desired, and if the right equipment is available. Soon I will have completed several more songs to perform independently. They will be available on my ViCTRiX YouTube and Soundcloud pages.