Language of the Body

Teens, young adults; boys and/or girls

This is my approach to a chastity talk. The fact that sex makes babies is something that teens and almost anyone having sex outside of marriage would like to forget. When it comes to mind for many, so does contraception.

My goal with this talk is to re-establish the healthy and beautiful connection between sex, new life, and lifetime commitment. This is where my knowledge as a Creighton Practitioner comes in handy.

Krause, H. And Kardatske, D.* show a dramatic decrease of between 30-62% in sexual activity of teenage girls when using knowledge acquired from the Billings Ovulation Method. Basic information about how the human person’s fertility works can empower our younger generation to make better decisions.

Gaining this knowledge early will be useful long term. Contrary to what many young Christians may think, abstaining from sex is not a concept that should be tossed out the window once the wedding bands slide on. With a better understanding of God’s design for sex, marriage, and health, our youth will be better equipped to live the fullness of NFP/Fertility Awareness as God intended.

As the “Theology of the Body“ teaches – our bodies speak a certain language. Our individual body speaks a language too. God’s design is awesome and I hope to share it with you.


“To Joy, Through Suffering”

Teens; young adults

We all suffer and long for happiness- but isn’t happiness just another way of saying “union with God?” When things don’t go the way we expect or plan, it can drive a big wedge between that union.

I found that I was not only drawn closest to God through my suffering, but it was only through that experience that I truly received the desires of my heart.

In this unique presentation, I combine my experience with infertility & physical pain with my lyrical gift of expression through rapping to connect with hearts and point them upward.

*optional rapping performance; 2 or 3 original songs. Please see “Performing” section.

“The Beauty Within Our Bodies”

Women ~12 yrs and older

Wow, women’s health has been misunderstood for a long time. Birth control has in large part prevented women empowerment, confused our bodies, delayed diagnoses, and isolated women and couples from our beautiful church and unity with Christ. But God formed an impeccable design of our bodies and has created us for far more than most can even imagine!

Because of our birth control culture causing many mainstream doctors to overlook the underlying causes of symptoms, it took me about 12 years to be diagnosed with a severe form of endometriosis- likely the cause of my infertility and definitely the cause of years of physical pain. Had I been empowered with better information as a young teen, things may have been very different for me.

Our young girls deserve better. Engagement should not be the first time young men and women hear about Fertility Awareness (a more encompassing term than NFP). Every woman, regardless of reproductive age, can benefit from an awareness of her fertility as it applies to her health.

There are many different depths at which a woman can be taught this valuable information, but she has a right to an understanding of how God has designed her treasured gift of fertility to function and knowledge of how it impacts her health.

If we want our young church to choose love and life over birth control and IVF, and continue to do so long-term, it is important to give them the knowledge and tools to understand fertility awareness at a young age.

Studying to become a Creighton Model Practitioner is only one of the many life experiences that has prepared me for this talk. In a presentation packed with personal experience, scripture, Theology of the Body, and lots of science, I might blow your minds with new information and a full understanding of God’s handiwork as it applies to human fertility.

“Tummy Mommy”

Pro-life; All Ages

The abortion discussion is a delicate one that can turn many people away. But actual love in action and a good hero story can truly unite us.

In a different approach to this type of talk, I focus on building up women with unplanned pregnancies to recognize their value and appreciate this challenging, but beautiful opportunity to become someone’s hero.

After about 4 years of infertility and an enduring desire to be parents, my husband and I adopted a baby girl from an incredibly brave woman in a difficult situation. The world saw her as weak, but to our entire family, she is as strong as they come. Women with unplanned pregnancies have the privilege of giving new life to more than a child! No baby is truly unplanned for. Bella’s birthmom showed us what it means to love.

Infertile, Still Fruitful

Women struggling with infertility

Infertile since 2013, this has been the most challenging cross to carry. One of the reasons this is so hard is because our culture tends to glorify biological motherhood over spiritual motherhood. When we can’t (re)produce through no fault of our own, we can feel isolated, worthless, and rejected by God.

But every woman, regardless of her ability to bear children, is called to be a mother. Every woman has unique gifts designed to fulfill her and contribute to the world in ways that only she can. It is often hard to see, but God is closest to us when we are in the depths of despair and hopelessness. And He desires more for our lives just like we do.

The pain of infertility will always be there for me. But I have found my greatest joys through this particular brand of suffering.

“NFP Refresher: Fertility Awareness”

Anyone seeking to understand God’s plan for NFP/Fertility Awareness

What were you taught about NFP in church; seminary? Was it mentioned at all? Many of the couples that come to me for NFP training via the Creighton Model System upon the request of their priest as a part of marriage prep have never heard of it. Those who have heard of it have a very limited understanding. So how well is this God-given gift serving our families? Our church? Our health?

Most mainstream organizations leave out information and provide statistics on Fertility Awareness Based Methods that are inaccurate. All of this considered, it is no wonder so many Catholics use contraception and IVF. Without all the information and lack of awareness about our options, it is hard to make good decisions.

With this talk and as a Creighton Model Practitioner Intern, I hope to give hope to women and couples about the good news about how God has designed our bodies and plans for us to live out authentic married love. A better term for NFP is probably “fertility awareness,” and although this goes beyond marital status, age, and religion, it is vital that couples have this important information so they can make better empowered decisions for themselves and their families.

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