“Taking Back the Terms”

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“I’m sorry I’ve been kind of MIA. Last time we spoke, I was feeling pretty down because of [my husband’s] fertility issues. Well he was supposed to have surgery to improve our chances on March 3rd…but two days before that I took a pregnancy test and I’m pregnant!! I’m 12 weeks now and we are so excited! I’ve been meaning to reach out to you for a while to thank you so much for everything. You were a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, and a wealth of knowledge. I can never thank you enough for your support. I hope you’ve had a lot of success stories and that you know you’re doing great things! Thank you!!!”  

-My first infertile client

Choice. Women’s rights. Reproductive rights. Women’s health. Empowerment.

These words are tossed around in our culture like bean bags in a backyard game. Many have been convinced that these terms mean providing unopposed access to birth control.

But as Inigo Montoya said in The Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

A woman has a right to the knowledge of how her body works, specifically her fertility and its connection to her overall health.

A woman has a right to understand the science behind birth control, how it effects her mind and body, and that she actually has multiple choices.

When we understand these things, we are truly empowered to make fully informed decisions about our fertility and women’s healthcare.

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I started an outreach called “Taking Back the Terms” in 2015 in hopes of taking back these terms which have been drastically misused and misunderstood. I started a YouTube channel, now with 66 videos and growing to give people access to the good news about God’s design of human fertility and superior healthcare that many are unaware of.

Like many others, I had experienced increasing pain and heavy bleeding starting in my teenage years and was subtly convinced that this was “normal.” Access to knowledge of my fertility (creightonmodel.com) and restorative healthcare (Naprotechnology.com) at a young age would’ve provided me with pain relief much sooner, and might have been the difference in my ability to bear children.

I began speaking on this topic as I started this outreach and then began studying to become a Creighton Model Practitioner in 2018. My hopes are to particularly impact teens, but also women of all ages, empowering them with this priceless knowledge of fertility awareness (NFP refreshed) and how God has designed and planned for us to live fulfilled, regardless of the condition of our fertility and our present plans to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

This experience has inspired my outreach and is one of many avenues that God has provided to give purpose to my pain. Please follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram @TakingBacktheTerms to help me share this valuable information with others that it can help.

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